We design machinery, apparatus, and devices for Scientific Research, Quality Control, Fabrication and Manufacturing.

Your ideas and concepts can be modeled and simulated in digital domain software before manufacture with a focus on physics, utility, economics and safety to your particular application.

We generate all the necessary data, shop drawings and engineering documentation for fabrication by any competant machine shop in your area for the build.

physics modeling
Medical Packaging Inspection Technology.

We are an award winning engineering consortium providing solutions to difficult engineering problems in manufacturing and scientific research using the latest software platforms at a professional level of expertise.

Our engineering software is state of the art in 3D CAD and physics Finite Element Analysis modeling .

We run Inventor 22, Nastran, Maple-Sim, Comsol and Origin 8.

Stress & Strain, Heat, Electromagnetics and Material Science in general are typical FEA domains that Comsol Multi-Physics and Maple-Sim provides.

Modeling with 3D CAD embedded into Comsol FEA software shows real world physics.

conceptual modeling
Hazardous Chemical Conversion Technology

Traditional Standards and Conventions we are in compliance with.