Cold Plasma Toroidal Vortex Projector with a Tesla Coil

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Oxygen is ionized with Tesla Coil technology to produce Ozone while passing through a Charged Aperture Disc then is propelled forward as a Cold Plasma Toroid at sub-sonic velocities to a target of your choice to maximum range of 100 m. The vortex carries a variable electric charge capable of disrupting cell phones and of course, delivering an electrical shock for denial of access to property for unwanted guests.

Ozone Vortex Rings carry a High Voltage Charge to any targeted neutral surface at a distance with Tesla coil technology.

An ozone gas torus holds an electric charge and behave like a capacitor in accordance with the classic skin effect

Ozone gas configured as a toroidal vortex can behave like a conventional capacitor and store electric charge when oxygen passes thru a circular aperture in the presence of an electromagnet field and is ionized. The surface of the torus moves through the ambient air with less resistance than a normal object.

Tesla Coil details & nomenclature showing how the Ozone torus is generated and how it interacts with the electro-magnetic field from the Tesla coil.

Upon leaving the aperture, the cold plasma torus is guided by the collimator tube that carries some residual electric charge thus helping preserve the toroidal geometry as the ring accelerates through the tube.

Basic Embodiments & Nomenclature; Fully Autonomous, Remote Controlled. The platform is radio controlled and is able to traverse semi-rough flat terrain.
The Model SDS-23 Sentinel Guard Dog delivers denial of access to your zone of security with a non-lethal electrical charge to any remote target without wires.
Basic Vortex Gas Kinetics with smoke.