Bio-Char Rotary Kiln with Induction Heating.

SD-100 Electro-Magnetic Induction Heated Biochar Kiln. ( All Rights Reserved ca; 2021 )

Our new Rotary Bio-Char kiln produces biochar in a continuous real time process converting any type of shredded or mulched biomass into Bio-Char at 50 lbs. / hour or better. True oxygen free pyrolytic heating is entrained and captured within the flights of an auger moving the biomass inside an induction heated rotating cylinder. A heat gradient in the center of the cylinder wall is generated by an induction heating process that has no flame or combustion. The induction coil is directly under the cylinder center.

The hot Biochar is ejected and cooled in a circulating water bath then is collected via an automatic extraction mesh conveyor system.

Biomass is transported and heated within the confines of the auger flights while the cylinder rotates against the auger flight surfaces.

This arrangement provides accurate control of the residence time in the pyrolytic section of the auger and the induction heating system providing very precise control of the steel wall temperature of the rotating hot cylinder.

This equipment is capable of producing spheroidal biochar nodules of varying sizes depending on the biomass particulate size and the speeds of rotation. From the size of BB’s to marbles

The cost of manufacture by fabrication shops is estimated to be in the $ 75 -85 k USD. range, including the induction heating system and controls engineered by Sono-Dyne Scientific. A full set of shop drawings are available for manufacture of a complete unit. $650 USD.